Looking to make your next career move and/or redefine your career path?

Let me help you discover and own your strengths and aspirations, map out an actionable career plan, and market yourself for the job you want.

Are you at a point in your career where you don't feel satisfied with what you're doing anymore, or you want to land a position where you can take on more responsibilities and exciting projects and earn a higher salary?


Maybe you've been in the same role for a while and you got comfortable in your job, but you're driven and longing for more or something different, and you know that you need to step up if you want to advance your career.

Whether it's about looking for a new job and/or redefining your professional path, I'm here to help you make your next career move!


Make a clear assessment of where you're currently at, what's working and not working for you, and what career direction you want to take


Define your core values and strengths and how they impact your professional life and career path

Update your LinkedIn page to make a great first impression online, attract career opportunities, and learn how to network on LinkedIn


Craft a compelling elevator pitch to present yourself or answer the question "what do you do?


Explore different channels to search, attract and land the right job opportunity for you


Review your CV and Cover Letter for the type of role you're interested in and practise interview questions



9 one on one sessions with me of 1 hour each, every other week

on Zoom or in person, if you live in Stockholm

Email access to me during the duration of the program

Worksheets on Google Docs and feedback on your work

Book your discovery call free of charge to talk about the details of this program and make sure it's a fit!

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"I met Veronica at a moment when I was looking to steer my career in a different direction and after our first session, I could already see the value in working with her. Each time we spoke I gained more insights into what I wanted to do, she helped me give meaning to my ideas and transform them into strategic goals and actions. I was able to create a career and personal plan to position myself in a clearer and more confident way. That has been a key enabler for my transition into a new job and a career step. Veronica leverages her vast knowledge of personal branding and useful tools with her intuition and empathy. These elements make it a really successful combination. At the end of our coaching program, I could already see the results of my personal branding efforts, especially through my LinkedIn page. I received positive feedback and a significant increase in job opportunities and contact from top employers. Veronica has become my trusted advisor and I would definitely work with her again."


Carolina Gasi, Senior HR Business Architect at SAP (Barcelona, Spain)

"I worked with Veronica at a crucial point in my career and life. She helped me so much with focusing on my priorities, identifying my skills and strengths, and how to communicate them. I love my new CV and LinkedIn profile, which she built from scratch with me. I'm now confident in understanding my needs and value and I'm clear on how to approach a future job search. Thank you, Veronica!"

Andrea Sangiuliano, Multilingual Operations Coordinator at LVMH Group (Manchester, UK)



  • You're ready to step up and are committed to working on your career development throughout the duration of the program, during and between sessions

  • You're excited about investing in yourself and your future

  • You're prepared to take action and be accountable

  • You're open to being coached and happy to be challenged

  • You take responsibility for your part of the work




  • You're not 100% committed to working on your career development and are not prepared to invest both time and money in your future

  • You're looking for a "quick fix" and expect results overnight

  • You expect me to do the work for you

  • You're not ready to put yourself out there to communicate your value and get visible in front of decision makers and people you want to work and connect with

  • You're not prepared to take action and hold yourself accountable