Nowadays, professional first meetings already happen on LinkedIn.

Let me guide you to craft a LinkedIn page that shows your value and helps you build your visibility and connections online.

Linkedin is currently the largest professional network online, with 500 million members in over 200 countries


Not only does it give you a personal online page where you can communicate your value and tell your story, but it's also a platform where you can connect with professionals and like-minded people all over the world, you can share your expertise and point of view through articles, short posts, images and videos, and it allows you to be recommended and endorsed as a proof of credibility to your profile. 

People who have never met you or talked with you before are most likely to look for you online and already form an opinion about you. Your LinkedIn page is one of the first pages that will come up in their Google search results and it's your opportunity to make a great first impression online.


Find the right words to describe what you do and how you deliver value through your work


Write a compelling headline and profile summary to stand out from the LinkedIn crowd

Clearly summarise your work experience, skills, credentials and achievements

Create a great banner image that will grab people's attention the moment they click on your page

Learn how you can share your expertise and plan a content strategy to gain visibility on LinkedIn

Craft a message template to use every time you want to invite someone to connect with you that will help you grow your network and create valuable relationships




5 one on one sessions  with me of 1 hour each, over 5 weeks

on Zoom or in person, if you live in Stockholm

Email access to me during the duration of the program

Worksheets on Google Docs and feedback on your work 

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"Veronica is always my go-to person when I need career advice. She is a versatile thinker and has great empathy that translates into excellent coaching. Before working on my LinkedIn page she listened and understood where I was at and where I wanted to be in my career. She helped me transform my LinkedIn page from a boring sum-up of information to a story that guides you through my career history and gives you a good sense of my personality and strengths. Shortly after my brand new LinkedIn page was done, I gained exposure to top tech companies and that is a great result. Working with Veronica was an amazing experience and would definitely recommend her!"


Stephen Bouckaert, Full-stack Developer at Criteo (Barcelona, Spain)

“I worked with Veronica on defining my brand and improving my LinkedIn profile in a way that would reflect that brand. I was impressed by how easy and straightforward Veronica made the whole process look and feel like. She was very well prepared to guide me and help me clarify who I want to be as a business owner and what message I want my clients to see in my brand. This process gave me a whole new level of understanding of myself and my business offer, which I would have not been able to come to by myself. Veronica is very knowledgeable about personal branding and she was able to bring the best in me to the surface and on my LinkedIn profile. I would highly recommend her services!"

Olga Frankow, Speaker & Relationship Coach for professional women (London, UK)





  • You're ready to work on updating your LinkedIn page and use it to its full potential

  • You're committed to doing your homework between sessions 

  • You're excited about investing in yourself and your future

  • You're open to being coached and happy to be challenged

  • You take responsibility for your part of the work



  • You're not ready to invest both time and money to make the most of your LinkedIn page

  • You're looking for a "quick fix" 

  • You're not prepared to do your homework between sessions and hold yourself accountable 

  • You expect me to do the work for you

  • You're not open to being coached and are not happy to be challenged