There are many professionals out there, but there's only one of YOU. 

Let me help you see and share the value of your contribution, build credibility and visibility, in the office and online.

Whether you recognise it or not, you have a personal brand already. It's that immediate idea or feeling that comes up in people’s minds when they think about you, whether they've known you for some time or they've formed an opinion about you based on your first meeting or what they've found online.

It comes out in all your expressions, from the way you dress and move to how you talk, work and behave, and it’s also visible in your social media profiles and posts.

Often times, it's the difference maker for people to decide whether or not they want to connect and work with you, or for higher management to consider you for a promotion or a special project.

This is why personal branding is so important. Consider it your secret sauce!

This program is divided into two areas of work: 
Define & Understand Your Personal Brand  | Communicate & Grow Your Personal Brand
Laptop & Coffee

Define your core values and understand how they shape your personal brand

Identify your strengths and how they can help you advance your career

See and own what differentiates you in your organisation and marketplace

Clarify your vision and what you want to be known for

Realise and interpret external perceptions about you through an online 360 Personal Branding Survey


Create a compelling elevator pitch to answer "what do you do?" or present yourself


Craft a LinkedIn page that stands out, and learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your visibility and network online


Learn how to dress and use your style to express your personal brand and look the part


Review your social media profiles to make sure they're aligned with how you want to project yourself 


Design an actionable plan to grow your personal brand in and outside your organisation, including online



11 one on one sessions with me of 1 hour each, every other week

on Zoom or in person, if you live in Stockholm

Email access to me during the duration of the program

Worksheets on Google Docs and feedback on your work

Online Personal Branding Survey to understand

external perceptions about you


Book your discovery call free of charge to talk about the details of this program and make sure it's a fit!

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“Getting to know your strengths and finding the optimal way to communicate them is key to start developing your brand and plan a professional roadmap. Thanks to the coaching with V, I could understand my current positioning through a 360 personal branding assessment, I've redone my LinkedIn page and grew my LinkedIn connections, and I managed to define a strategy to build my personal brand and career path in the next years. It was great teamwork and I hope to work with her again in the future. Thank you, V.”

Francisco Mir, Head of R&D at Geze Iberia (Barcelona, Spain)

"As soon as I had my consultation with Veronica, I knew that she was the one to work with. I really needed some guidance with my personal branding. Her programme was perfect, the different sessions were well structured and I learned a lot. Veronica is full of resources, knowledge and keen to share. She has a good intuition and asks powerful questions. I feel empowered by the work done together and I even had fun trying new tools which were very helpful in the process. Veronica helped me work on my personal branding in an easy and smooth way. I gained great insights, clarity and a stronger sense of my identity. By the end of the programme, I launched my new website using the content and visual elements we worked on, I had my LinkedIn page updated and in line with my brand, and I felt confident in presenting myself using my elevator pitch at networking events."


Nathalie Roth, Coaching, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Practices at (London, UK) 



  • You're ready to step up and are committed to working on your personal brand throughout the duration of the program, during and between sessions

  • You're excited about investing in yourself and your future

  • You're prepared to take action and be accountable

  • You're open to being coached and happy to be challenged

  • You take responsibility for your part of the work




  • You're not 100% committed to working on your personal brand and are not prepared to invest both time and money in your future

  • You're looking for a "quick fix" and expect results overnight

  • You expect me to do the work for you

  • You're not ready to put yourself out there to communicate your value and gain visibility (whether it's online or in person)

  • You're not prepared to take action and hold yourself accountable