• Veronica Mesuraca

Dress for Success... Start today!

With the new year in full swing, many of you are probably thinking about new opportunities, a career change, or to really make those resolutions happen. Whatever motivation is pushing you in a new direction, in your professional or private life, what a better time to give a different value to your image, as an asset and tool to reach your goals!

Too often we associate the expression Dress for Success to “already successful people” or think that it is only applicable to special occasions.

Here are 4 points you should note down today:

Make that first impression a great one.

The first impression is always crucial, especially to those who do not know you (well) yet. Make sure the way you look, speak and behave has a positive and lasting impact.

Pay attention to details, not only to the overall look.

A great outfit is not the only thing your image is composed of. You hair, your smile, your manicure, your body language and communication skills are also important.. you would be surprised how much people remember these things over a perfect dress or shirt.

Make it a habit. Remember that you build your success every day. Train yourself to dress well and look after your overall image even if you don’t have any specific events in your calendar. You never know who you are going to meet that day.

Reflect on how you want others to perceive you and dress thinking where you want to go, not just where you are today. Being confident, approachable, or elegant.. reflect on the kind of image you want to promote, then try to make an honest judgement on your current look and see where you can improve.

Dress for Success .. Start today!