• Veronica Mesuraca

The power of colours

Colour has an immense power in our lives. It expresses our mood and feelings, our culture, our fears and goals, our taste and personality. Colour has the power of giving more visibility and attracting our attention, essentially creating a memorable picture in our mind about that person, product, logo, or landscape.

When it comes to Style and Personal Branding, the right colour can make you look healthier, happier, more confident, slimmer and younger, appropriate for a specific occasion, and can send a consistent message of who you are. The colours that suit you best won’t simply make you look good, they will make you stand out!

Your colour palette is based on your skin complexion, and the colour of your hair and eyes. Knowing your palette will ensure that you always buy clothes and accessories in the colours that make you shine, that you will always use, and that you will also find easy to combine together.

When you wear your colours, people don't just say ‘your shirt looks great’, they say ‘you look great’!

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