• Veronica Mesuraca

You Are Your Own Brand

Never thought of yourself as a BRAND? Perhaps it’s time to think again!

While brand is usually associated with a product, individuals have their own brand too, even if they think they don’t. Your brand is what people think and say about you when you are not there, when your name pops up in their mind or in a conversation with others.

When we think about German cars, we think quality; safety; style. In the same way, we might think of ‘Barbara’ as leadership; authority; seniority, or of ‘John’ as creativity; innovation; communication. Even unconsciously, we all express our brand in the world that surrounds us.

Your brand is based on your personality; your values; your purpose; your talents and skills. It is expressed by the way you appear; behave; speak; present and promote yourself, and it includes your online presence too.

Beyond what our ‘natural brand’ may be, we can shape it in a way that allows us to pursue our mission while achieving important goals along the way. We can work on defining that mission, projecting our best image and build an authentic and strong brand to get where we want to be. It doesn't happen over night but it can definitely start today!