• Veronica Mesuraca

5 Rules On The Gentleman's Suit

It's a garment that dates back centuries in the gentleman's closet and has seen a wide variety of interpretations throughout our history. It followed and survived each evolution of society and fashion trends, and still remains a classic piece that every gentleman should have!

Here are my 5 rules on the gentleman's suit:

1. Good fit, an absolute must. Make sure the fit is right for you, your body shape, proportions and size. No matter the brand, the quality, and the cost of your suit, it won’t look good if it’s not the right one for you. Some guidelines to consider: The suit shouldn't be too loose or too tight (this is an obvious one but important and true nonetheless); the jacket buttons should't pull, creating an 'x' formation around the waist; the sleeve should finish where the wrist breaks; the length of your trousers should be sufficient to rest on the top of your shoe; the shirt should be long enough to be easily tucked in and the buttons of on the front of the shirt should lie flat.

2. Quality, it’s not a small detail. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune, but a good quality suit is an investment and will last for some years. It will make you look and feel great when you wear it and will project a successful and well maintained image. A bad quality suit is visible most of the time; it won’t make a great impression and will also make you spend money twice when it starts to look worn, not long after you bought it.

3. Colour, the right one for you. While a suit is a classic garment and the variation of colours available and appropriate for it is not as wide as for casual clothes, you can still choose the right colour and pattern for you. Classic suits are usually black, blue, brown, or grey in darker and lighter shades of these colours. Depending on your body shape, certain patterns will make you look slimmer and taller while others won’t. Additionally there are patterns that are more discreet or more louder than others, it's very important that you chose the right one for the occasion and for the image you want to project.

4. Shoes and tie, they don’t just complement your suit, they are part of it. Make sure you combine the right shoes and tie, in both colour and style, with your suit. Point 2 applies here too, especially for shoes. You absolutely want to avoid having a great suit combined with old or bad quality shoes and a cheap looking tie. On the accessories line, also remember that if trousers have belt loops they are meant to be worn with a belt. The belt should be of good quality; match well with the shoes, and appropriate for a suit, hence a classic style.

5. Last but not least, care for your suit. Pay attention to the type of fabric your suit is composed of when you bring it to the dry cleaning; don’t overdo dry cleaning as it might damage the fabric; let the suit breath outside the wardrobe overnight before storing it again; always hang it on a shaped hanger and don’t overload the pockets if you don’t want them to lose their original shape and look.

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