• Veronica Mesuraca

What’s Your Elevator Pitch? Do You Even Have One?

The Business Insider defines it as follows: "The elevator pitch summarises what your company, product, or service does, and why it's interesting or valuable - all in the length of an elevator ride". You can read the full article here.

We often associate it to sales professionals or entrepreneurs but in fact we can all benefit from having an elevator pitch, and a few versions of it based on different audiences. A good elevator pitch can lead to the opportunity you have been looking for, whether that be a promotion, a new job, a new client or an effective step in strengthening and promoting your brand.

Your elevator pitch is what you answer to the usual ‘what do you do’ question in all those occasions, social or professional, where you are talking to someone for the first time. It can also become your profile summary online (on your LinkedIn profile; Twitter profile; Facebook page, on your website or blog) and on your CV.

Your elevator pitch is part of your Personal Brand and should always be in your 'box of essential social tools' to promote it and reinforce it.

The goal is to catch the attention of your audience, be it one person or a group of people.

Your elevator pitch should:

  • be the perfect ice breaker that leads to an exchange of business cards and a wider conversation

  • make the audience remember you

  • be clear and concise

  • project confidence and enthusiasm in what you are talking about

  • leave a feeling of wanting to know more about it

  • sound natural

  • be well thought through and customised to your audience

Prepare your elevator pitch well, write it down and practice it at home. Reflect on what it says about you and your brand, make sure it’s consistent with the message you want to send across, review it over time and adapt it where necessary.

We all face the ‘what do you do’ question in our daily life, and not only in professional contexts. Have you ever thought about the difference your answer can make, between saying a couple of lines starting with a nervous sigh or shooting your elevator pitch with confidence and enthusiasm?

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