• Veronica Mesuraca


One of the main reasons why people want to build a strong Personal Brand is to be successful, but what does success mean to you?

The meaning of success varies a lot from person to person. It can be having a secure job; a growing career; being financially stable; knowing a lot of people; having a family and so forth. Defining what success means to you is a very important step in unfolding and building your Personal Brand. Many times we believe in how other people, our company, or the social media define it; we find ourselves trying to conform to it and we often realise it’s not what makes us happy.

The definition of success is connected to our values and mission, and so with our Personal Brand. When you know your Personal Brand, you also know what success means to you and you can be who you are and do what makes you happy.

To start with, ask yourself the following questions:

What’s really important to me?

What makes me happy?

Where would I like to see myself in the future?

The best way to answer is by being honest with yourself. Take the time to clear your mind from the multitude of external inputs we receive and absorb everyday, reflect on who you are; what your values are; what makes you (or would make you) feel accomplished and fulfilled; what you aspire at in your life. Remember that it is your life and only your own definition of success can work for you.

While we go through different phases of our life, our definition of success can also change together with our Personal Brand. After some time you might be asking yourself the same questions and give different answers. This is normal and part of our journey of personal development.

I’d like to quote life coach, motivator and speaker Marie Forleo on this. ‘Success is liking who you are, liking what you do, and liking how you do it’. You can also watch her Q&A episodes on MarieTV. She’s fun and very resourceful, her fresh and authentic approach is inspiring.

So, what does SUCCESS mean to YOU?