• Veronica Mesuraca

The Truth Behind What Personal Branding Is All About

Personal Branding is undoubtedly still a new concept for many. Since I’ve started the Step Up with V project, I’ve noticed an increasing interest in the subject, yet unclarity and different interpretations about its meaning. I often get asked: ‘What is this Personal Branding about?’ And the underlying question is then ‘How would I benefit from it?’.

While there are many people already recognising the importance of it, despite being unsure about what really makes a successful Personal Brand, others feel threatened by it as they associate the concept to products and companies, and so they feel the urge to defend their ‘being human’. The name itself might be what really generates this uncomfort but the truth is, whether we name it Personal Branding, Reputation, Identity and so forth, we all already have a Personal Brand.

Let’s be clear though, you are not a product coming out of a factory’s assembly line with many other identical copies following and preceding you, each one with the exact same label. While as humans we are all connected and have many things in common, each one of us has different physical and nonphysical characteristics, which combined together make us authentic and unique, and so it’s our brand!

Why not learn how to manage it and make the most of it?

Personal Branding is not about creating a fake you, i.e. someone you are not, it’s about unlocking what’s unique and authentic about you. Knowing your Brand is knowing who you are, your character, your talents, your values and your purpose. You are aware of your weaknesses but you focus on your strengths, on what’s important for you and what your goals are. A stronger connection with yourself means a stronger you, a more confident you, a more motivated and ultimately happier you.

You are authentic and unique! Don’t be afraid to show and use what makes you so.