• Veronica Mesuraca

You Are Not That Bad!

As an Image & Personal Branding Coach, my work is based on communication with my clients and online followers. Communication is my instrument and as such I constantly look for ways to improve it, nourish it, and practise it.

I’ve recently attended a workshop for public speakers and one of the exercises was about reflecting on our self-evaluation vs the feedback we received from our audience. The latter was based on a short presentation each one of us had to deliver in front of the other participants; we were evaluated on the quality of our voice, our body language, the content’s structure, the engagement with the audience and the passion in the message we wanted to convey.

Before starting the presentations, we had to summarise in 5 to 7 bullet points what we thought about ourselves as speakers. Guess what: 90% of self-evaluations were negative! More importantly, 90% of them did not correspond with the feedback we received after the presentation and in fact, in most cases, it was the complete opposite.

This exercise made me reflect once again, on how what we think about ourselves is very often completely different from reality and the way others perceive us. Too many times our self-evaluation is way too negative, when the reality is honestly not that bad! We fill our mind with thoughts that don’t do us any favour, we repeat them throughout the day as a broken record to the point that we start believing in them. Additionally, they don’t only remain in our head but we transform them in words, the same ones we then use to talk about ourselves with others.

All this negativity is unhealthy, it limits us from our potential, and I have a news flash for you: it’s not real! You are not that bad!

Your Personal Brand is based on your character, talents, values and mission but it's also shaped, among other things, by your mindset, your thoughts, and the words you use when you talk about yourself. Please, do yourself a favour: relax, breathe, be more gentle and compassionate with yourself. Nobody is perfect and really, you are not that bad!

There’s something great in each and every one of us. I’m all up for personal development, hence the reason why I’m passionate about helping and empowering others, but don’t forget to recognise and use what’s already great about you! That's the essential starting point. Don’t be too hard on yourself, embrace life as a learning curve, let the authentic and unique you lead the way!

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