• Veronica Mesuraca

Be Your Best!

When I work with my clients on their Personal Brand, I talk to them about how building a strong and authentic brand can put you a significant step forward in the journey towards a more confident and successful you, but as in all significant and meaningful journeys this also comes with challenges, and the way you respond to them will determine the solidity of your Personal Brand.

One of the most common challenges is managing difficult times while staying committed to your goals and maintaining a positive impression among the people around you.

How do you react to a difficult situation, a difficult client, or a difficult colleague? Do you respond just following the instinct and emotion of that moment, or do you reflect beforehand on the consequences your reaction may cause and focus on the long term result? Are you confident enough to question yourself and apologise when you realise you are the one you made the mistake? Can you keep your promises and stick to your commitments, or do you easily give up?

Your answer to these questions speaks volumes about your Personal Brand! It's in the difficult times that you also show who you are and build a strong and authentic brand.

Having a corporate background, I’ve personally experienced and witnessed situations where in front of the same type of challenge people react in different ways, creating very different types of outcomes. For example, jumping to conclusions in a meeting without having fully listened to the person in front of you, in the urge of sending your message across no matter what, can result in big misunderstandings and damage the rapport with that person, as well as leave a bad impression among the people who may be there with you. This can be easily avoided if you take the time to listen, reflect on what is being said and formulate an answer that is appropriate and constructive.

We all face this or other types of situations in our everyday life, and while we are all human, have emotions, and can make mistakes, we still have the power of choosing how we react to them.

Doing the right thing, remaining calm and professional in front of an unfair behaviour or situation, apologising when you are the one who clearly blew it, giving a good example to others and saying no when it means staying committed to your goals are not signs of weakness, in fact they show confidence, determination and lucidity, honesty and integrity. They will pay in the long run and people will respect you because your Personal Brand encompasses all these qualities too.

Dare to be different, be your best and stand out from the crowd!

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