• Veronica Mesuraca

Value The Steps Towards The Goal

The year end is approaching and it’s that time when 2 distinctive types of people seem to show up everywhere. Those who are excited about the new year, who make a huge list of resolutions and all the things they are going to do (and stop doing), and those who don’t believe in any of that, and think with a bit of distance (including a pinch of scepticism) ''let’s see what this new year will bring''. Whether you are in the first or second group, I’d like you to hold on for a moment. Let’s take a little step back. What about the year that has almost passed? (and

how did another year pass by so fast again?!).

A year seems a relatively short period of time but so much can happen in a year´s time. In this post, I'm not going to refer to world events, which would require a much longer and more complex kind year end of wrap up. I want to talk to you about your 2016, as your Career & Personal Branding Coach.

If you are taking the time to review your 2016, both from a personal and a professional point of view, your conclusions will very much depend on how you approach your review in the first place: do you tend to focus only on the big achievements or is it all ‘business as usual’?. Based on that, some of you might even think not so much has happened.

This could be because you are not taking into account the small yet significant things that indeed happened, all those little steps you took towards the goal you have been after, that you have already achieved or you are in the process of achieving. It could be a course you completed, a change you made in your daily habits, a conversation that led to a positive outcome, a project you worked on or a presentation you delivered, including that time that you counted until 10 before speaking and you saved the day! All you learned (and are learning) in those small things and steps is a big achievement on its own.

I've chosen this approach to the year end wrap up because I believe in the value of the steps towards the goal, because it's the combination of all the small things and little steps you take throughout the journey that gives meaning and substance to the goal itself. Have you ever seen a house with a roof but no foundation? All those little things, steps forward, positive changes, and lessons learnt are your foundation. The stronger the foundation, the better and longer the roof (and the rest of the house!) will stay in place. The bigger the goal, the more you will need stronger foundations, so those steps are not only good, they are essential. If you could remove the steps throughout the journey and found yourself already at the end goal, would you be prepared for it? would it have the same meaning? would you feel equally accomplished?

Here are 3 questions that will help you review your 2016 using this approach. For each question, try to give yourself a clear, concise, and constructive answer. You are forbidden to beat yourself up for whatever did not go as you hoped!

  1. What are the things and steps (no matter how small) that have contributed (or are still contributing) to achieving a big goal of yours?

  2. What have been the most important lessons learnt throughout the year (that you can use going forward)?

  3. What (and how) can you improve whatever you're doing / working on in 2017, based on what you learnt during the past year?

Remember, value the steps towards the goal. This applies to both your career and life.

I wish you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year filled with love, joy, health, peace, personal and professional growth.

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