• Veronica Mesuraca

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Looking For A New Job

What do you do when you are not happy in your job?

Very often we go through the following 3 phases:

1. Complain. We complain with friends, family, colleagues (those who won’t tell the boss), our cat or dog, and the neighbours too if they have been so unlucky to meet us on our way back from work on a bad day!

2. Give up (for a little while). We realise everyone is bored of our complaints (our dog or cat included), we can’t go back home every day angry and stressed out, and in all honesty, we know what we are complaining about but we don’t really know what we want.

3. Look for a new job. The give up phase didn’t last long (even though we still don’t know what we want), we start updating our CV, and sending it everywhere like there’s no tomorrow!

Sounds familiar? You are not alone. I and many people like you have been there. But if this is what you are experiencing right now, STOP right there!. Breathe, sit down, and watch my video on 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Looking For New Job.