• Veronica Mesuraca

How To Give And Ask For Feedback

We know feedback is important because it helps us see how we are perceived by people around us, realise what we are doing great and identify what we need to improve upon. However, it's the quality of the feedback that makes it a useful and an effective tool to grow and build our personal brand.

Depending on what kind of feedback you are looking for, you really want to make sure you are asking the right question because the quality of the answer you’ll get will also depend on the quality of your question. If you simply ask "What do you think?" or "Could you give me your feedback?", you might not get a very useful answer. Why? Because these questions are too generic.

Equally, if you are the one giving feedback and you are asked a general question like "Could you give me your feedback"?, don’t be afraid to ask for a more specific question if you can. Then, once you know what kind of feedback the other person is looking for, don’t just throw something at them for the sake of answering, think about what you really want to say to them.

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