• Veronica Mesuraca

How To Differentiate Yourself

Differentiation is key if you want to build your personal brand to stand out and progress in your career and business, but how do you differentiate yourself in a noisy, competitive and hyperconnected world?

Differentiation doesn't rely on how many certificates or years of experience you have, though they are very important too. It's really about who you are, how you do what you do and why you do it. It's the perspective and personality that you bring in everything you do, whether you are part of a company or you run your own business.

What happens is that we often compare ourselves and think that we need to be like the people we admire and follow (which is a little bit different from being inspired by them), and by doing so we actually do the contrary of differentiating ourselves and standing out.

While comparing is human and, unless you live alone in the forest!, in some cases is necessary, you can approach it from a different angle: compare to learn, not to compete. Compare to see how you are different and how you can use that to your advantage, not to look for what you don't have or focus on who you are not.

You are good enough and you have the potential to be more than that. You just need to be smart about it!

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