• Veronica Mesuraca

3 Reasons Why Business Leaders Need Personal Branding

While in the past, personal branding was perceived as a fancy term, mostly associated to celebrities and politicians, today professionals across industries and geographical locations recognise it as a tool to stand out, connect, inspire and progress in their career and business.

Every time you walk in a room, speak with someone, write an email, shoot a video or post your thoughts and updates on social media, your personal brand shows up. Not only that, it stays there once you've left that room or online space as well.

In both your verbal and non-verbal communication you transmit a certain message and bring a certain energy with you. Both elements have a direct impact on how people form their impression and opinion about you.

In a world that is so competitive and hyperconnected, good work is often not enough. Developing confidence and learning how to present yourself, your work and ideas are key to influence people you work and do business with.

In this video, I talk about 3 reasons why business leaders need personal branding.

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