• Veronica Mesuraca

5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Selling Yourself

I honestly find it a pity when I see people with potential, who are good at what they do and care about what they do, but they don't progress in their career or business as they could because they are not good at selling themselves.

If this is you, here are 5 ways to overcome the fear of selling yourself, which I talk about in more detail in my video below.

1. Name it

What's behind your fear of selling yourself? Are you afraid of being rejected or is that you don't like to brag? Whatever your reason is, be honest with yourself but don't judge it, just name it. Define your fear so you know what exactly you need to work on, whether it's your mindset or learning how to actually sell yourself, or both things.

2. Reframe it

If you have a limiting belief around the term "selling yourself" because you associate a certain idea to it, that is not very positive, you need to reframe it and redefine it in a way that will allow you to approach it from a different perspective. You can call it "presenting yourself" or whatever other way that works and feels good for you.

3. Connect with your WHY

Think about why selling yourself is important to you. Maybe you are looking for a new job or you would like to get a promotion, or you want to attract more clients. When something is really important to you, your WHY will serve as your anchor that will keep you grounded in that challenge.

4. Value your value

Have you ever thought that what you have to offer is actually valuable for people around you? If you look at it this way, it's not all about you anymore, it's also about how you can add value to others. Don't deny people the chance to appreciate you or your company because what you have to offer could be the perfect solution for one of their problems or the perfect fit for what they've been looking for.

5. Have fun with it

Selling yourself doesn't have to be boring or super serious. You can make it conversational, add a bit of humour, and have fun with it while preparing yourself (including how you are going to dress!). Stay curious and remember to smile because when you smile you immediately put yourself and other people at ease, you feel (and look!) more confident, and you transmit a positive energy on the receiving end as well.

Remember this as well: selling yourself doesn't require bragging or pretending, what it does require is developing confidence and learning how to present yourself, your work and your ideas in a clear and effective (yet authentic) way.

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