• Veronica Mesuraca

The Impact of Appreciation

When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate a team member, a client, a business partner or your boss in a genuine way?

Last week I received some great testimonials from some of my amazing clients and it made me feel really appreciated.

Appreciation is not about saying "great job" to someone because they’ve just completed a task or achieved a target. That's great, of course, but appreciation is a lot more than that. Appreciating someone is acknowledging them for who they are, not only for what they've done, because their presence, contribution and voice matter.

Multiple studies have shown us how people engagement at work is directly related to how valued and appreciated they feel in their job. However, those same studies have also shown us how only a small percentage of people are engaged at work. This is a pity because appreciation doesn't require a formal one to one meeting or a special training. What it does require is the willingness to see the value in people around us and to express our appreciation to them, which can start with a simple "thank you".

My video below is to encourage and challenge you, to bring more appreciation in your day to day life at work because when people feel valued and appreciated, they are also more engaged and perform better.

You will be amazed at how appreciation can have a positive impact on your relationships, career and business. Your personal brand will also benefit from it because when you appreciate others you also increase your influence on people around you.

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