• Veronica Mesuraca

Personal Branding for LinkedIn - How To Write A Great Headline

I say this all the time:

You are much more than a job title alone!

When you present yourself, both online and offline, it's your chance to communicate your value and sell yourself. No bragging, no pretending required.

In the online space, LinkedIn is most likely to be the first place where people look for and connect with professionals like you. If someone is searching for you on LinkedIn, or they’ve just come across your profile in their search results, one of the first things they’ll see is your headline, hence the space underneath your name where you usually write your job title.

Your headline, together with your profile picture, is often enough for people to decide whether they want to know more about you or click away.

The good news is that in your LinkedIn headline you have 120 characters, including spaces, to present yourself. Instead of writing your job title alone, you can expand on it to talk about what you do and use specific keywords that will increase your chances to be found on LinkedIn.

In my video below, I share practical tips to help you make the most of your headline so you can stand out from the crowd, build your personal brand on LinkedIn and attract the opportunities you deserve!

In the same video, I've also included the following 4 examples of headlines that you can use or take inspiration from.

Headline Example 1

Instead of just saying: Advertiser Partnerships Director

You could say: Leading emerging markets teams to acquire and grow strategic advertiser partnerships

Headline Example 2

Instead of just saying: HR Consultant

You could say: HR Consultant helping small-medium companies build a more people-centred organization and employees engagement

Headline Example 3

Instead of just saying: Technical Team Lead

You could say: Technical Team Leader ensuring tools efficiency, stakeholders satisfaction and team development

Headline Example 4

Instead of just saying: Founder & Web Designer

You could say: Founder | Web Designer | Creating beautiful and user-friendly web designs that drive traffic and engage new clients

It is up to you, to show that you are much more than a job title alone!

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