• Veronica Mesuraca

Why You Need To Focus More On Your Strengths

Do you tend to focus more on how you can fix your weaknesses rather than nurture and make the most of your strengths? Perhaps it’s the nature of my job, being a Personal Branding Coach, that makes me look at this topic from a slightly different angle, but I personally find that we generally tend to focus way too much on our weaknesses rather than on our strengths. Personal Branding is more about “enhancing” rather than "fixing".

Don’t take me wrong though, recognising our weaknesses and working on improving them is also important, especially if we have weaknesses that are impacting our day to day life and career. However, when weaknesses become the main centre of our attention, I believe we are not doing ourselves any favours. On the contrary, we miss out on the opportunity of becoming great at something we are already good at or where we clearly have potential.

Important Note: We ALL have strengths. This is a series of 2 videos on strengths: why they are important and how you can identify them. In this first video, I explain why I believe focusing on your strengths is more beneficial than focusing on your weaknesses.

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