• Veronica Mesuraca

4 Questions To Identify Your Strengths

I know you often hear this: “find your strengths, show your strengths, capitalise on your strengths…” but clearly identifying what we are great at is not always straightforward.

In my previous post, I talked about why I believe focusing on your strengths is more beneficial than focusing on your weaknesses. In the video below, you will learn 4 questions to ask yourself that will help you identify your strengths.

Question 1: What activities do you enjoy doing the most and make you lose track of time?

When I say activities, I’m not just referring to activities related to your career. They could be other activities that you really enjoy doing, that make you forget about time and give you a great sense of satisfaction once you’ve completed them.

Question 2: What skills or qualities do you always apply in your day to day life, regardless of context?

The reason behind this question is that strengths are normally things that we apply in multiple areas of our life. For example, if you are a very organised person, you are most likely to be organised in everything you do, in and outside of work.

Question 3: What do you do differently from other people?

Think about how the way you do what you do is different from how other people do it. Maybe you offer a specific and unique angle to what you do that makes it special, or you do the same thing other people do but in less time and with a completely different approach.

Question 4: What skills or qualities do people usually compliment you on?

We tend to take our strengths for granted and sometimes we don’t even notice them because they are part of who we are and come natural to us. Nonetheless, other people do notice them, and if everyone compliments you on the same things... well, you have some good confirmations right there.

To help you make the most of these questions, I recommend that you look beyond what you see on the surface, as very often the answer lays underneath. For example, you might find that you enjoy a certain activity which has nothing to do with your current job and wonder how that can help you at all. In that case, I want you to look beyond the activity per se. What is it specifically about that activity that you enjoy so much and makes you lose track of time? That’s where you'll find your strengths.

As an additional bonus tip, you can also check Gallup Strengths Center where you will find an Assessment Test specifically designed to help you identify your strengths. The basic test will give your 5 top strengths with a description for each of your strengths and suggestions on how you can nurture and make the most of them.

We ALL have strengths but we can only see and use them if we shift our focus from the need to fix, to the need to grow.

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