• Veronica Mesuraca

How To Pitch Yourself With Confidence

Ever felt insecure and a bit icky when pitching yourself for a job or with a potential client? You are not alone. In fact, I'd say most people have experienced this at some point in their career. And while you can find tips and templates to craft your elevator pitch, there's an additional element that ultimately makes a big difference.

Here it is:


This may seem obvious and yet so many people miss this when they work on their elevator pitch.

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Writing a great pitch is only one part of the job. If you want to pitch yourself with confidence, you need to practise your pitch.

However, practising your pitch doesn't mean reading it a couple of times before going to an interview or attending a networking event. That is not enough to make it yours.

You don't want to sound like you are reading from a script. You want to sound authentic and, not only that, you want to look comfortable when you deliver your pitch.

In my video below, you will learn 3 steps to set you up for success and make your pitch more fun as well.

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