"I met Veronica at a moment when I was looking to steer my career in a different direction and after our first session, I could already see the value in working with her. Each time we spoke I gained more insights into what I wanted to do, she helped me give meaning to my ideas and transform them into strategic goals and actions. 

I was able to create a career and personal plan to position myself in a clearer and more confident way. That has been a key enabler for my transition into a new job and a career step. Veronica leverages her vast knowledge of personal branding and useful tools with her intuition and empathy. These elements make it a really successful combination. At the end of our coaching program, I could already see the results of my personal branding efforts, especially through my LinkedIn page.

I received positive feedback and a significant increase in job opportunities and contact from top employers. Veronica has become my trusted advisor and I would definitely work with her again."


Carolina Gasi, Senior HR Business Architect at SAP (Barcelona, Spain)

"I worked with Veronica at a crucial point in my career and life. She helped me so much with focusing on my priorities, identifying my skills and strengths, and how to communicate them. I love my new CV and LinkedIn profile, which she built from scratch with me. I'm now confident in understanding my needs and value and I'm clear on how to approach a future job search. Thank you, Veronica!"

Andrea Sangiuliano, Multilingual Operations Coordinator at LVMH Group (Manchester, UK)


"Veronica has been very helpful in giving me support to face the changing reality of a fast-growing company. She is very proactive, empathetic, and resourceful. She asks you very good questions to help you find the answer you are looking for, and even when she doesn’t have enough context of the situation she will give you very useful feedback using her good intuition. Working with Veronica, I also gained a deeper understanding of the power of language and communication, and how to use it to improve presentations and relate with colleagues and external parties. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to become a better leader."


Robert Muñoz, Co-Founder at Typeform (Barcelona, Spain)

"Veronica has helped me define an impactful personal brand and identify my next career steps. She provided me with great ideas and resources to take more aggressive steps and make decisions in my career. I loved her approach and structured methodology to work towards my goals. She used great questions to help me explore my values and abilities, I learned how to benchmark myself, gain confidence in my strengths and brand them well. Veronica is very professional and experienced, as well as trustworthy and resourceful. I felt listened to, cared for, and well supported. She went beyond my expectations, and as I am a person in continuous evolution, I will count on her in the future. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to develop her/himself as a person and a professional, and I would tell them to not hesitate in investing in themselves by contracting her services. She's awesome!"

Digna Peña, Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Consultant 

(Barcelona, Spain)

"Veronica is always my go-to person when I need career advice. She is a versatile thinker and has great empathy that translates into excellent coaching. Before working on my LinkedIn page she listened and understood where I was at and where I wanted to be in my career. She helped me transform my LinkedIn page from a boring sum-up of information to a story that guides you through my career history and gives you a good sense of my personality and strengths. Shortly after my brand new LinkedIn page was done, I gained exposure to top tech companies and that is a great result. Working with Veronica was an amazing experience and would definitely recommend her!"


Stephen Bouckaert, Full-stack Developer at Criteo (Barcelona, Spain)

“I worked with Veronica on defining my brand and improving my LinkedIn profile in a way that would reflect that brand. I was impressed by how easy and straightforward Veronica made the whole process look and feel like. She was very well prepared to guide me and help me clarify who I want to be as a business owner and what message I want my clients to see in my brand. This process gave me a whole new level of understanding of myself and my business offer, which I would have not been able to come to by myself. Veronica is very knowledgeable about personal branding and she was able to bring the best in me to the surface and on my LinkedIn profile. I would highly recommend her services!"

Olga Frankow, Speaker & Relationship Coach for professional women (London, UK)


"I found personal and business branding to be very difficult when considering an international audience, after having lived abroad for more than a decade in a culture very different from my own.  Veronica was able to help me gain a clear perspective of who I am no matter where I am, and the personal brand I want to consciously communicate. Extending my personal brand, then, into an internationally viable and well-positioned business brand was a pleasure with Veronica because of her strong communication and clear strategic capabilities for cross-cultural branding."


Elisabeth Cook, Principal & Creative Director at DEDALO Inc. (Chicago, USA)

"As soon as I had my consultation with Veronica, I knew that she was the one to work with. I really needed some guidance with my personal branding. Her programme was perfect, the different sessions were well structured and I learned a lot. Veronica is full of resources, knowledge and keen to share. She has a good intuition and asks powerful questions. I feel empowered by the work done together and I even had fun trying new tools which were very helpful in the process. Veronica helped me work on my personal branding in an easy and smooth way. I gained great insights, clarity and a stronger sense of my identity. By the end of the programme, I launched my new website using the content and visual elements we worked on, I had my LinkedIn page updated and in line with my brand, and I felt confident in presenting myself using my elevator pitch at networking events."


Nathalie Roth, Coaching, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Practices at  

www.nathalie-roth.com (London, UK) 


“Getting to know your strengths and finding the optimal way to communicate them is key to start developing your brand and plan a professional roadmap. Thanks to the coaching with V, I could understand my current positioning through a 360 personal branding assessment, I've redone my LinkedIn page and grew my LinkedIn connections, and I managed to define a strategy to build my personal brand and career path in the next years. It was great teamwork and I hope to work with her again in the future. Thank you, V.”

Francisco Mir, Head of R&D at Geze Iberia (Barcelona, Spain)

"V is not only a truly talented individual that is professional, organised, easy to work with, but also an amazing artist with a good eye. She listens to your need, does her due diligent and goes above and beyond to help you enhance your style and confidence. I love her passion and she is a true inspiration. Ideal for anyone who is looking to step up their games, professional or social. I would recommend her any day."


Sheila Sun, Co-founder & CEO at CommonHealth (San Francisco, USA)


"Working with Veronica was a key step in my career change and the creation and development of my personal brand. She provided a safe space where I could share my fears and doubts, my hopes and dreams, without feeling judged. In each session, she helped me define concrete actionable steps to move forward smoothly, efficiently and quickly. Thanks to her help, I've completely redone my LinkedIn page, I rebranded my Instagram profile, I was accepted to attend TEDWomen 2018 in Palm Springs, California, and I'm now the brand owner and co-founder of Ignite That Spark. I also gained the confidence to go after what I truly want and seize the right opportunities for me. I am more efficient in my decision-making process and I own more who I am, what I think and what I want out of life. Veronica understands where you're at, where you want to go and gives you the support and guidance to help you get there. Had I not worked with her, I am convinced I would still be overwhelmed by fear and missing out on opportunities I know today I deserve. "

Kim Jordi, Project Manager & Strategy Advisor at Kimi Life & Style

and Co-Founder of Ignite That Spark (Geneva, Switzerland)

"I hired Veronica's branding strategy services and am thrilled with the improvements. She's an outstanding professional, with all the qualities I value the most: reliability, productivity and personal. She carries a great balance between result-orientation and that of listening and understanding my individual needs and thoughts. I recommend her services every time I meet a new business owner or freelance professional."

Johan Wennermark, Trainer (Barcelona, Spain)

"I am lucky to have found Veronica during my research on LinkedIn. She helped me identify my personal brand and positioning in a phase of career transition. Veronica is a true expert on realising your potential, supporting you to make the most of it, and providing you with strategic guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd while remaining authentic. You will find that hiring Veronica is truly worth it, not only in the short but in the long run too."

Airunnesa Kandari, Hub Leader at PMO Global Alliance (UK / Malaysia)

"I very much enjoyed my sessions with Veronica. She was very attentive, was able to guide me through difficult decisions and helped prepare me for key meetings. Veronica was extremely professional and organized our sessions with clear objectives in mind. She helped me define my short and long-term goals and helped define my core values through relevant activities and reflection.  Working with Veronica also opened my eyes to personal branding and it’s key function within business. I found this to be both useful and interesting. We finished our sessions by developing my LinkedIn page to help connect me with like-minded people within my industry.  I thoroughly recommend Veronica to anyone thinking of making the daunting step up to a leadership role within any industry." 


Nikesh Pandya, Educational Consultant (Barcelona, Spain)

"I have had the pleasure of starting coaching sessions with Veronica as I started my business. I am very pleased with the way her approach triggered an introspection towards my life and the real motivations behind my business. The first sessions left me motivated and curious so I am looking forward to more sessions. Two ways I can describe her coaching style: mind decluttering and perspicacious."


Mariama Simba, The VA Desk (Munich, Germany)

"Veronica has a flexible yet structured approach to coaching which makes it possible to aboard each session differently but sure of the outcome. It felt just like a jigsaw which you start anywhere but after a while you can see the big picture. I enjoyed this approach as it is more intuitive and playful. She asks the right questions and takes over the steer when lost. She is an excellent communicator and very patient listener with a good memory, leaving little room for misunderstandings. I can highly recommend her for any personal development project, as she offers a broad range of knowledge and a natural dynamic curiosity."


Fabian Geist, Global Market Development Manager (Spain / Germany)